What do we do?

We grow kingdom culture

We dream of empowering local churches, ministries, businesses and other enterprises to disciple our nation (and other nations) through kingdom culture. We dream of people knowing Jesus and being transformed by his love. We want to extend the freedom we have to others. No one wants to own you, but we do want to partner with you to transform lives through encounter, love and friendship.  “No walls” means adventure rather than containment. 

We father churches

Ministry can be a notoriously lonely place, but we have a God who sets the lonely in families. HWW aims to provide a context where we can find one another in love, in vulnerability, in support, in joy. Our desire is to create a safe place, free from competiveness, religious performance and political maneuvering – fathering without exploitation. “No walls” means that we have an environment free of hooks: you are free to come and go.

We partner for kingdom influence

We have a prophetic mandate to speak life and hope over our nation. Through its birth, HWW has a particular mandate to be family to the prophet and to cause the prophetic voice to be heard well by the church – but we aim to release the prophets to fly way beyond the walls of Sunday Christianity. We aim to partner with anointed men and women in every sphere of society and to see our nation changed by kingdom collaboration. “No walls” means we set you free to fly.

Connecting you to revival

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