The Government of Heaven – testimony from East London

“We have been commissioned to bring justice. Earthly justice is retribution and redistribution: this is a government of lack. Heaven’s justice brings restoration through healing, salvation and abundance.” – Richard Lawton at the King’s Feast, Global Legacy Conference, Bethlehem, April 2016.

I thought my city was a goner. I had lost hope. I could see with my physical eyes, the result of the corruption: lawlessness, decay, striking masses, rebellion, poor service delivery, pot holes, increased crime are all rampant in our region and our country.

By the end of 2015, I had lost hope. Has God left our city? I pondered; and if so, where is he? I need to go find him. I was starting to confess my hopelessness to believers and unbelievers alike. Suggesting perhaps Cape Town was a better option, since that city seems to work well. The mountain of injustice was just too big for me to move. It loomed over me, taunting me. Somehow I reasoned that in revival all things are made new. Governments change. Corruption would cease. The unemployed would find jobs. Lawlessness would no longer be able to operate. When all these things were in place then it would be true revival. I had no faith to believe our present government or any future government could match up.

But the revelation of heaven’s justice gave me new lenses to view things through.

Listening to Richard preach made so many things click inside. I’m still in a brain freeze at times trying to realign my thinking with scripture. I have stopped trying to move the mountain and realised it is not my responsibility. Processing the word, God asked me: “What did I do when I walked the earth?” I said ok, “You healed the sick, cast out demons and set people free, and you brought salvation. Wow! That’s a relief! If Jesus didn’t tackle the government of the day, if He didn’t activate the Jews to rebel against all the infliction & injustice they suffered (hugely!) under the Roman Empire; then I need to rethink.

Last year Holy Spirit impressed on me to study the economic and social conditions surrounding Jesus’ birth on earth and the conditions of the Jewish people during Jesus’ life lived on earth. They were over-taxed, over-worked; their own religious leaders sold them out too. Added to that, atrying to obey all the Jewish laws – life wasn’t easy. So if Jesus, God himself in all His wisdom decided the best approach to saving his beloved people was to save their souls, hearts, mind, spirit in the midst of the appalling gloom and doom, then I guess that’s ok for me too. I began to align my thinking to what heaven is thinking about South Africa and about my little town East London.

I had always believed in the Kingdom of heaven being earthed as it is in heaven. But somehow I couldn’t get past the mountain of Satan’s taunting. Since that message and then being filled to overflowing with God’s joy through Keith Ferrante I have taken back what God gave me to do in my city. I’m working with leaders to host many city wide worship initiatives, called Worshippers Ignite. We have been uniting across all the church streams, to worship God with no agenda, to bring down the Kingdom of Heaven in EL, raising up and releasing intercessors to move as God directs. The amazing thing in all this. This was my baby. Now it’s not my baby its God’s baby; and now I just sit and watch as He brings people together and we shape together what the baby actually looks like. God keeps giving me revelation and pictures and visions and oh – I’m literally popping! Very much like my own Dad (Derek Crumpton) did back in the day – he brought men and women from all different backgrounds and church streams together in huge conferences and stadiums in the Charismatic move. “Come Holy Spirit” days.


Hope is who we are. We are carriers of hope. Carriers of Life, brothers and sisters of the Fellowship of Christ. WE are the light bearers. So despite what I see with my eyes on a daily basis I will move with heaven’s justice. I alone cannot bring governmental change or structural change to the economy of this country. But I can bring something more wonderful and everlasting. That is to bring heaven’s justice, heaven’s rule down to East London. And this not even as “I” alone but this as the whole “Bride” of Christ.

Thank you for serving His Bride.

Ruth Cocks

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