Beliefs that shape us

God is good

God is stupendously good. His primary revelation of himself is as the creator who made all things “good” and who is unrelenting in his mission to restore this world from brokenness to his intended blessing. When God’s goodness is temporarily clouded by our personal pain and suffering, we are reminded just how great that goodness is by the cross of Jesus Christ, which is the unwavering measure of the value he has placed upon us, and the lengths he will go to for our redemption. We choose therefore at all times to celebrate his goodness.


We live in his favour

Through the cross we have been completely and permanently reconciled to God. His favour towards us is unreserved – we are not on probation. We live every day in the full confidence of his unending delight in us. There is nothing we should or indeed could do to open his heart more towards us. We therefore live from a place of rest in his profound love.


His presence is more important than programmes or principles

The great prize of our salvation is restoration of relationship with our Father. We must never allow the costly intimacy, vitality and power of this face-to-face encounter to be replaced by principles and programmes, helpful as those can be. Therefore we honour the sovereign person of the Holy Spirit in our midst and give him permission to disrupt our meetings!


Jesus did it all on the cross

Jesus’ work on the cross is complete. There is no salvation, no deliverance, no favour, no power, no healing, no life that was not won for us there. Everything we do in his kingdom is in consequence of that victory. Therefore we have no need of any revelation or ministry that is not an outworking of the cross.


We are saved as sons of the King

Through the cross we have been adopted as sons of the king and brought right into the throne room. This new royal identity is the source of everything we are and everything we do: our worship, our relationships, our prayer, our giving, our provision, our sanctification, our commission, our authority, our destiny – all this comes from “putting on Christ”. This sonship identity is the essential foundation of our character and our ministry. Therefore we choose to view the world from a “royal balcony” perspective.


The gospel is about bringing heaven to earth

God’s plan was never to extricate us from a wicked earth to a place called heaven. Rather Jesus came proclaiming that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand, and taught us to pray for that kingdom to come on earth as in heaven. The king is coming to establish justice in this world – not primarily in punishment, but in restoration. Everything that has gone wrong will be put right. The sick will be healed, the dead raised, the captives set free, and every tear wiped away. This is radically good news! Therefore we will not be escapists, but will engage with the communities and institutions of this world for the sake of supernatural restoration of all things through revival.


We are authorized representatives of the kingdom

God has authorized and empowered us to announce the arrival of his kingdom, with signs and wonders following. We are not mere observers or commentators on the plans of heaven, but fully accredited ambassadors. We will therefore no longer wait for an authority that has already been given to us, but rather go and release the power and love of heaven to a needy world.


It’s getting better

As we see heaven come to earth, our expectation is for increase and restoration, not decrease and decay. “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end!” The final completion will await Jesus’ return, but in the meantime, his enemies are being made a footstool for his feet. We will therefore not agree with prophets of doom, but live in glistening hope of seeing the goodness and glory of God manifest in our day.


The government of heaven is family

God is our Father and we are all equally his children. He has created us in great diversity and for mutual dependence. We will never fulfill our personal destiny in isolation from our brothers and sisters. We therefore submit to the giftings and anointings in one another. We need no human permission or authority, but seek to honour all, love all and serve all.